Need service for your home? We got it covered! With affordable rates and up front estimates, you'll wonder why you didn't call us sooner!


Small Business

Have a small operations company and don't want big operation pricing? We got it covered! We have very affordable pricing for your business. From PC problems to complicated networks, we do it all for your company.


Public Safety IT Services

Have a small to large scale emergency services agency? We can handle everything from hospitals, EMS, police, fire, and 911 communication centers.

We provide creative solutions!

Here are some examples of what we have to offer. Our goal is to offer every service related to IT, so you don’t have to work with multiple companies to accomplish success in your business.

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Office 365

We offer ways to help your business collaborate and work more efficiently. Office 365 is the biggest collaboration tool set on the planet! We are pleased to offer these services to our clients.


Troubleshooting and Repair

We will troubleshoot issues you face and take care of any maintenance your organization needs related to IT.


Service Agreements

If your business uses IT services on a regular basis, we have written service agreements that will cover all labor the month, every month! No surprise bills or expenses, just one low payment every month.

Is your network an asset or a liability?

Don't hesitate when it comes to protecting your home and business. When your network and PCs become infected it could be too late to save important data. We are fully licensed and insured to take on even the toughest task in simple business environments, public safety, medical and legal facilities, and much more!

We support our local heroes!

All law enforcement, fire, and paramedics get bumped to the front of the line when you have issues! We will also give discounts wherever we can to you. We also support our military troops while at home and deployed. We offer various remote assistance techniques to help you overseas. We know it takes weeks to receive anything in the middle east, if you receive it at all. We will try our best to offer you a workaround for any issues so you don't have to wait for an item to arrive to you.

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2 weeks ago

Cyber Tech Central

Parents: Sarasota County Sheriff’s Department posted this a few weeks ago, and its very true. ...

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1 month ago

Cyber Tech Central

Attention DirecTV Customers: Although I am flattered some of you think I have this kind of control over tech, I can not do anything about locals being removed from DirecTV (and other AT&T companies). This blackout is fairly common with the network distributors and seems to be even more common with DirecTV. The problem is contract negotiations between Nexstar and AT&T have failed. Nexstar controls the "free TV" channels, especially when a company like DirecTV or Comcast want to include them in a TV package. There is absolutely nothing that anyone in the state of Mississippi can do about this (including the governor and any candidates). I want to emphasize that the Mississippi government in no way, shape, or form can interfere with this. This issue is on a much larger playing field than our state, it's national. The ->ONLY<- solution you have is switching to another provider like Dish or MaxxSouth until it's back on the air. There is no ETA. Calling DirecTV to complain will NOT help, it will only stress you out! Calling me to complain will NOT help either! No, I will not open a "private investigation" on one of our candidates because somebody thinks they took locals off the air because of an upcoming debate. I am not a detective, the mayor, or president (For sure not a lawyer). I am an IT expert, same with the rest of Cyber Tech Central. For my own sanity, please share this friendly information with the elderly around Carthage. Thank you!

-Buddy McClelland

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2 months ago

Cyber Tech Central

We can help protect you from identity theft. Call us today at 601-340-4709 for a free scan on both your phone and PC! ...

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2 months ago

Cyber Tech Central

A lot of people have asked about Windows Updates. In short, our answer is the average user should never turn off Windows updates. Occasionally one of them can indeed go wrong, but your benefits usually outweigh the bad. Updates can be deferred with Windows 10 and you can even go to a different update channel, but most of the PCs that are riddled with malware that we receive are due to poor A/V, if any at all, and Windows updates are usually disabled. Malware is the #1 cause of identity theft, stolen credit card numbers, stolen bank account numbers, etc. ...

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3 months ago

Cyber Tech Central

Here's a letter we received this morning that looks very similar to a bill. Many secretaries at large companies would send a check for for this without reading all the details, which is what this company hopes for. Never do business with a company that does business like this. I expect much of Carthage along with many other places in the US received this letter. The name of the company is The Domain Hosting Group (DHG) and their website is ...

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Cyber Tech Central
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 9 reviews
by Anonymous on Cyber Tech Central

Thank you for taking care of my computer!

by Anonymous on Cyber Tech Central

Quick friendly & reliable!!!

by Anonymous on Cyber Tech Central

Prior to reaching out to Cybertech, I had experienced extreme difficulty with prior IT companies. I could not be more pleased with the technicians, innovative concepts, and excellent customer service I have received from Cybertech. Technicians are pleasant, friendly, and go above and beyond to make sure our staff is well trained on any new software or products and are always available to answer questions and "walk us through" things if needed. For a small business like ours, it's essential that services are cost effective and efficient. Cybertech has exceeded every expection, and I would not hesitate to recommend them!

by Anonymous on Cyber Tech Central

I highly recommend Cyber Tech Central. Where do I begin...Buddy is very professional, knowledgeable, dependable, and friendly. I am extremely impressed by the quality of customer service from this company.

by Anonymous on Cyber Tech Central

Buddy McClelland is the best. He has brought knowledge, experience, and innovative ideas to our company that were missing and is dedicated to customer service at the highest level. Our company has been very blessed to have him. for the past few months. I look forward to a continued opportunity to have him on our team.

by Anonymous on Cyber Tech Central

Cyber Tech Central has been great. No matter what time day or night someone is always there to answer questions or to help fix the issues we may be having.

by Anonymous on Cyber Tech Central

I was having trouble with my laptop and it was running very slow. I came on the website spoke to an agent and he helped me out and now my laptop works as if it was new! These people are very helpful!

by Anonymous on Cyber Tech Central

Great friendly service, very patient explains in laymen terms every detail with what is the problem... VERY quick at finishing the job... & yes, I'd recommend Mr McClelland if you're looking for someone who loves their job & is less expensive & more knowledgeable...I give him 2 thumbs up!!

by Anonymous on Cyber Tech Central

I am a senior citizen with limited computer smarts, I depend on Buddy and he has never let me down. Always goes the extra mile. Thank you Buddy.